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Client Services/Diversity Recruiting

Diversity Recruiting
Our reputation is built on a cornerstone of strong, trusting and lasting relationships, timely and effective performance and sincere respect in diverse communities. Diverse Workplace gets the job done. Our services include:

  • Recruiting and presenting diversity nurses in all disciplines on a Modified Search basis
  • Recruiting and presenting diversity candidates in a variety of industries on a Modified Search basis
  • Sourcing and building databases of diversity candidates in any discipline, industry, level or skill set

We assist clients to create and maintain a culturally inclusive workplace that fosters valuing differences at all levels of the organization. We are dedicated to finding the best fit for the companies we serve and for the candidates we present.

We work closely with company recruiters to meet their current and future staffing needs by providing original and specific candidate sourcing. We build lasting client relationships by the quality of our work, loyal service and our innovative sourcing techniques.

Candidate Sourcing
Candidate Sourcing is an efficient, productive and strategic tool to fill specific positions, to build a pipeline of prospective candidates for multiple positions, or to create and continue to grow databases of candidates in a variety of disciplines.

Candidate Sourcing:

  • Reduces recruiting costs
  • Increases candidate flow and the potential for multiple hires
  • Builds talent networks
  • Provides a slate of candidates in record time
  • Enhances networking capabilities
  • Saves time and facilitates quick turnaround



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